Email Communication: 10 Principles to Write Better Emails

  • How to write clearer, shorter, and more compelling emails that your colleagues will actually read
  • Tips to craft specific and insightful subject lines that provide value to your reader
  • How to share insights and expectations so that everyone involved knows what to do next
  • Formatting principles to enable your readers to digest your emails quickly
  • How to respond to emails effectively to avoid miscommunication and confusion

Master Business Presentations: 10 Tactics For Better Slides

  • Why you shouldn’t listen to most presentation “experts”
  • Characteristics of a perfect business presentation slides
  • Presentation secrets of the top management consultants like McKinsey, BCG and Bain
  • 10 time-tested tactics that will improve your slides instantly
  • Why the slide title is the most important element on your slides
  • How to use data and charts to support your message
  • Formatting tips to make your slides look professional