Write Better Emails!

In AWESOME EMAIL!, Bain & Company manager Felix Haller will share practical and time-tested advice to improve your email communication instantly

You will learn:
  • How to write clearer, shorter, and more compelling emails that your colleagues will actually read
  • Tips to craft specific and insightful subject lines that provide value to your readers
  • How to share insights and expectations so that everyone involved knows what to do next
  • Formatting principles to enable your readers to digest your emails quickly
  • How to respond to emails effectively to avoid miscommunication and confusion

Effectively Communicate!

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About the Author

Felix Haller is a former Bain & Company manager and business book author.

He worked as a management consultant at the global management consulting company Bain & Company for almost six years. As a manager, he led and coached project teams in various industries and capabilities, including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and performance improvement.

Over the last decade, he has lived, worked, and studied in China, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US, becoming a global and interconnected leader. He holds degrees from the Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands), Fudan University (China), and the Ludwig Maximilian University (Germany).

He lives in Atlanta with his wife Shannon and pup Picasso.